Volunteer Firefighters Needed

To see the application path to becoming a Volunteer Firefighter with the Diamond Springs-El Dorado Fire  Protection District click here.

Volunteer firefighting has an extensive and colorful history and dates back to the beginnings of the fire service. References to Hand Pumpers can be found back as far as ancient Egypt. The “Vigiles” in Rome, in AD 6, were the first documented fire service and used the “Bucket Brigade” to extinguish structure fires. In the 1700’s there were many other significant fires throughout Europe.  Historical figures such as Benjamin Franklin and “Boss Tweed” served as Volunteer Firefighters.  This level of service to your fellow human beings is service of the highest order and, with that in mind, requires much from you.  As a Volunteer Firefighter, you will be joining a long line of public servants that existed long  before you and projects far into the future.  

Being a Volunteer takes many hours of training and practice. Volunteer firefighter candidates are required to receive instruction in many subjects.  They must be mentally and physically fit to perform difficult tasks, in stressful situations. The minimum fire training that you should expect is approximately 190 hours. The minimum medical training is 40 hours for a First Responder certification. To view a sample Volunteer Recruit Academy training schedule click here. Being a volunteer firefighter is not for everyone. It requires a strong commitment on behalf of the individual and, equally, that of their family.  

The benefits of this position are many and include camaraderie, career advancement, physical and mental challenges as well as truly belonging to something with a purpose.  

To view the District’s volunteer requirements  click here.

To view volunteer opportunities throughout the County visit the Eldorado Country Traing Officers web site at www.volunteerff.com 


We proudly serve the communities of: Diamond Springs, El Dorado, Logtown, Nashville, Sleepy Hollow and parts of Placerville.

Desirable traits are a positive attitude and an eagerness to learn.  You must be able to work within a command structure and truly desire to serve.