Training Assignments


ACTIVITY ASSIGNMENTS – September 23, 2012- November 3, 2012

Extrication, Limited access (Hotel) packs, Hazmat Decon, etc


Leader’s intent (What, Why, and How):

This month we will continue with communication readiness training.  Be ready for radio quick drills to test knowledge base and ability to use communication equipment.  Upcoming drills will be based on a six week module training schedule. The El Dorado County (EDC) Fire Volunteers will be shifting their training nights to Monday and potentially training with us starting in the near future. We also will be able to offer more multi-company evolutions for volunteers. Some Monday night trainings will even be at other EDC Fire station locations.

  1. What skills or tactics do you feel strong in?
  2. What skills or tactics do you feel weak in?
  3. What medical skills would you like to practice or train on?
  4. Are you ready to operate an engine?
  5. Any additional input.




September-November brings us multiple historical fatality fires and incidents of significance for more information on these fires (optional) click on the link.

1.     Sundance Fire (1 September, 1967) 2 firefighter fatalities

2.    No name fire (1 September, 1849)  418 fatalities

3.    Lisbon Portugal (6 September, 1966) 25 firefighters died

4.    Laguna Fire (26 September, 1970) 8 civilian fatalities

5.    Hauser Creek Fire (2 October, 1943)  10 firefighter fatalities 73 firefighter injuries

6.    Griffith Park  (3 October, 1933) 29 firefighter fatalities 150 firefighters injured

7.    Ontario Canada (04 October, 1922) 44 civilian deaths

8.    Romero Fire (07 October, 1971) 4 firefighter fatalities and 2 firefighters burned

9.    Pestigo, Wisconsin (08 October, 1871) 1200-2400 lives lost

10. Cloquet, MN (12 October, 1918) 559 Fatalities

11.  Pepper Hill Fire (19 October, 1938) 8 firefighter fatalities

12. Tunnel Fire (20 October, 1991) 25 fatalities

13. Esperanza Fire (26 October, 2006) 5 firefighter fatalities

14. Loop Fire (01 November, 1966) 12 firefighter fatalities

15. Australia (03 November, 1980) 5 firefighter fatalities



Equipment Drill:

Review Operation of GPH, GPH Commander, TK-790, and Relm radios.


Practice the use of the Rescue and the vehicle extrication tools, familiarize with their operation. Review the material on target safety labeled Module 7.


Company School:

1.     MC-VE (Multi company vehicle extrication) Quarterly Joint training with El Dorado County Fire in October Location G&O Tow in El Dorado at .

a.    15th A shift

b.    17th B shift

c.    19th C shift

2.    Target Solutions vehicle extrication power points and web resources

3.    Module 7 training materials

4.    EMS Drills Captain Discretion (for CEU credit a written or performance based skills test must be done with a  course roster and approved content)

5.    FF1, FF2 Drills Captain Discretion


Monday night drills:

September 24th (C) AP-08.1 Preparation for pump testing

October 1st (C) Association Dinner Meeting

October 8th (A) Vehicle extrication Drill

October 15th (A) ECE 1.2 Limited Access Pack

October 22nd (B) ECE 3.0 HAZMAT Decon

October 29th (B) Medical Training CE (topic TBA)

November 5th (C) Association Dinner Meeting


Special Drills or Events:

Volunteers interested in attending the vehicle extrication multi company evolution on the 15th (A), the 17th (B) or the 19th (C) please let the shift Captain know. If there is no room on the Engine Rescue 49 will be at all 3 events and will have open seats.



 October 2nd, 2012 0900 hrs

 November 5th, 2012 0900 hrs