Structural Fire Protection
Wildland Fire Response
Technical Rescue

Emergency Medical

Hazardous Materials

The Diamond Springs / El Dorado Fire Protection District boundaries cover 95 square miles, with a population of 32,000 night time residents, and a diverse combination of light industrial and commercial business establishments, senior citizen housing, mobile home parks, convalescent hospitals, rural and high density residential areas, all situated in the Wildland Urban Interface (WUI) setting.  The District is transected by two major highways – US Hwy 50 which runs east / west and CA State Hwy 49, which runs north / south.  There are also several, major surface streets that carry a large and growing volume of El Dorado County traffic.  The ISO rating for the District is a class 5 for areas with hydrants and class 9 for those areas without.

The District’s 2010/2011 budget is $3,682.996.68 for Fire District operations and $1,187,396.71 for its ambulance operation.  This provides for one (1) engine company (Engine 49), staffed with a Fire Captain, Engineer and, occasionally, a Volunteer/Resident Firefighter and one (1) Advanced Life Support (ALS) ambulance (Medic 48), 24 hours per day, 365 days a year.  This minimum staffing level is augmented by an active Volunteer Firefighter workforce, along with off duty career personnel who may be called back for major alarms and incidents.  The Volunteer Firefighter program is a foundation of the Fire District and remains a vital and integral component of the District’s mission.

Emergency service is provided from our 5 stations, strategically located within the District boundaries, along with automatic and mutual aid assistance agreements with other local and state agencies, including “first in” response from the following surrounding agencies: El Dorado County Fire Protection District (which also protects the City of Placerville), Rescue Fire Protection District, Pioneer and Amador Fire Protection District Battalion 20 (formerly Plymouth Fire Department).  Additionally, we have operating agreements with Cal Fire (Amador-El Dorado Unit) and the U.S. Forest Service (El Dorado National Forest).

The District operates the following equipment with a career staff of 16 full time, safety-suppression personnel and 23 volunteer, safety-suppression personnel, augmented by a non-safety staff of 1 full time and 5 part-time administration and prevention personnel:        

            8   Engines                (6-Type I & 2-Type II)
            2   Water Tenders    (1-3000 gal capacity & 1-2500 gal capacity)
            1   Truck  (55’ aerial)
            1   Rescue (at the OES Medium US&R Type equipment capability)
            1   ALS Ambulance
            7   Utility & Command vehicles

For Calendar year 2009, District personnel responded to 2,210 emergency calls within the past year as follows:

            72%   Medical Aid
              9%   Fires & Fire Related, All Types
              3%   Hazardous Materials
            16%   Public Service / Other

Target Hazards & Primary Fire Problem:

Wildland / Urban Interface; Threat to residential structures (seasonal)
Transportation Corridors / Traffic Accidents
Light Industrial and Mercantile businesses
Hazardous Materials distribution facilities (propane)
Emergency Medical Services of all kinds and several mobile home parks, retirement & convalescent facilities 

(updated 11/18/10)