Long Range Plan
The Long Rang Plan Document represents a continuing planning process for the Diamond Springs / El Dorado Fire Protection District.  This process is intended to assess the overall needs of the District.  Every level of the District is studied and reviewed about every five years.  We review the District’s needs from the perspective of the communities we serve, relative to our mission statement.

Mission Statement
Diamond Springs - El Dorado Fire Protection District

“To Respond Quickly And Provide The Services Of An All Risk Fire Agency While Being The Guardians Of The Public Funds That You Entrust To Us”

In December of 2006, the Board of Directors adopted three major changes in the District’s approach to finance and planning.  These changes will be reflected in this and future Long Range Plan documents.  The first change was the adoption to the Fire Facilities Impact Fee Plan.  This plan is a companion document to the Long Range Plan and alters the collection of development impact fees.  The anticipated impact is to create an equitable fee that is generally lower for residents of the District, as the fee is related to the impacts of development on the capitol needs of public safety.   Second was the implementation of a community facilities district (CFD).  The community services district is a tax generating mechanism intended to offset the impacts of major development against a bench mark of our past service level.  The tax generated by the CFD will be derived from the future development of multi family residential, sub divisions, commercial and industrial projects.  Funds from the CFD are ear marked for improvement of services required by these types of development.  The third document is the pending Standards of Cover Document.  Standards of Cover (SOC) is a community based assessment of the services provided by the District. SOC will assess the operational performance of the public safety aspect of the District against the communities varied risk.  This evaluation will then be utilized as a future planning tool, to assist in determining the need and placement of valued resources

The planning process has assessed the following areas: